• Feedback from Kalene on 19 Dec 2013

Dairne entered my life at just the right time. She was able to help me identify problem areas that I was really struggling with and walked me through ways to cope with situations as they arose. Dairne’s coaching extended beyond the scheduled sessions showing that she is not only an amazing coach but that she truly has a huge heart. I am so grateful to have worked with Dairne. The skills that I have gained from working with her will be with me for a lifetime.

• Feedback from moana Ese on 18 Jun 2013

Excellent session with you Dairne, thank you so much for sharing with us, i know my hospitality students especially appreciated you sharing with us. I have given them your direct email for feedback, hope to see you again and apologies this was late.

• Feedback from Stuart McIntyre on 20 Feb 2013

I worked with Dairne as a co-facilitator on LCA's Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching course from 2008. She is an inspiration and pleasure to work with. Thank you so much Dairne for everything you bring with you.

• Feedback from Jay Lincoln on 08 Oct 2012

Dairne has assisted me with the facilition of the Diploma in holistic life coaching course during March 2011 and September 2012. I have enjoyed working with Dairne again and find that Dairne is very authentic and a real person. This comes through when she is required to hold the space in the facilitaion and also during our debriefs with the participants. I look forward to working with Dairne in the future in some way. Thanks Dairne for being you.

• Feedback from Sandra Walsh on 28 Sep 2012

Dairne has been one of the facilitators whilst I have been studying for my Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching. I have found her to be extremely supportive and knowledgable, whilst also challenging me to look at my 'self' and subsequently clients, with greater depth and clarity.

• Feedback from Miriam de Goeij on 27 Sep 2012

Dairne was never afraid to confront me with my areas of improvement...She was very clear and it was easy for me to understand what she meant. The value of her feedback was worth it, every time I had a session with a client there were insights of my way of coaching that took me to another level. On the other hand Dairne was very much able to say what went well as well! I think that is very important as a facilitator, to be able to express the positives and to name the "to be improved"! She's awesome :-)

• Feedback from Gary Williams on 06 Jan 2011

Dairne co-facilitated workshops with my wife and me over the course of a year. While we tended the focus on process stuff, Dairne was a real "people" person and hence had a real knack of drawing people out. After 10 workshops, we were impressed by Dairne's recall of the 200 people we worked with and their individual stories. We'd always be happy to team up with Dairne again.

• Feedback from Clement McGrath on 16 Nov 2010

I have been privileged to have Dairne Kirton as an assistant facilitator on Life Coach Associates' training course. Dairne brought great integrity and professionalism to the course along with her deeply caring warm nature. She completely fulfilled all the expectations I had for her. Bless you Dairne

• Feedback from Auriole Ruka on 29 Sep 2010

Dairne knows how to facilitate in an inclusive way that ensures everyones voice is heard, listened to and acknowledged. She has a powerful presence that empowers others to feel safe and important.

• Feedback from Barbel Winter, CCS Disability Action Northern Region on 15 Sep 2010

I have been working with Dairne over the last 2 years and I have found her ability to get behind people, see and strengthen their potential and let them stand in the light amazing. For Dairne it is all about seeing opportunities for others and creating a space for those opportunities to become reality.

• Feedback from Recenia Kaka on 13 Sep 2010

Dairne is Mana Wahine. She is a true leader as she leads by example. I have seen her in action as she has facilitated Maori Leadership hui, she is conscious to include all people and has a wonderful natural way that has people contribute to the hui. She has been an awesome resource in teaching us ways to create evaluations that people with disabilities can access, visuals etc. Dairne would defintely be someone that i would recommend to any organisation

• Feedback from Janine Richards on 12 Sep 2010

Dairne is one of the founding members of a Maori Disability Leadrship roopu called TuMai (taking a stance) Among other things TuMai is a roopu thats stands along side and supports our Maori staff roopu of CCS Disability Action. She is a highly valued member who is inspirational to all people giving of her time, knowledge and life experiences to all people who are and want to be in her presence. She makes a stand for Maori with Disability and this is presenced at all times whether she is facilitating, presenting or generally just being in your company.

• Feedback from Andrea Sergeant on 08 Sep 2010

Dairne is a shining light among others - a great example of how to balance grace with tenacity, along with a fabulous sense of humour. She is a warm and knowledgeable person who will be there with you on your journey from start to finish. I feel blessed to have met her on my own path of self-discovery.

• Feedback from Janice Rouse on 05 Sep 2010

I had the pleasure of experiencing Dairne as a course facilitator earlier this year. I found her to have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, and a real commitment to the work she was doing. I believe Dairne would give 100%+ to anything she gave her attention to. All the very best Dairne, and thank you.

• Feedback from Kathleen on 04 Dec 2009

"Dynamite" You are a person who is so dynamic. You had the ability and the experience to bring out my true potential. You really rocked my world, in a kind and loving way. Thank you

• Feedback from Mayuko Nemoto on 21 Oct 2009

"Super Lady" is the best way I can describe her. Through the life coaching course I am on, she has taken me on a journey to look at completely new dimensions of life and myself. Her amazingly open character makes her such an attractive person too.

• Feedback from jann meehan on 21 Oct 2009

Dairne was a fantastic facilitator. I loved her warmth, caring and professionalism. Dairne always gave of her best, even when facing extremely difficult personal circumstances. I really admire Dairne and found her encouraging, helpful and fun to be around.

• Feedback from Susan te Heuheu on 14 Oct 2009

From the very first time Dairne reached out and took my hand as she welcomed me to the course I instinctively knew that this was no ordinary lady, her presence is electric, an old soul with so much to share. If you should ever be privileged to walk any journey with Dairne you will be all the richer for the time spent in her company. I have no doubt that Dairne's move to Holistic Life Coaching didn't happen by chance. Waiho i toipoto, kaua i te toiroa.

• Feedback from Tracey Fausett on 15 Jun 2009

Dairne, thank you for helping get me out of my rut. You have given me many tools to use to keep myself on track and boost my own self esteem. Thank you.

• Feedback from Marjan Kh on 01 May 2009

When I first Dairne my whole life was crushed and I was so sad and disappointed, she was the only one who helped me through this challenging journey and Im so grateful to meet her and have her beside me in this journey. Dairne I can't thank you enough. you're an angel.

• Feedback from Lisa Birch on 12 Nov 2008 I found Dairne to be knowledgeable in the art of coaching, intuitive and supportive and always forever present. I am grateful to have been coached and trained under Dairne. Thank you Dairne for the wonderful opportunity and experience.

• Feedback from Toni Hadlee on 09 Nov 2008

Dairne was a brilliant help to me at a critical time of my life. She asked me what I wanted or needed to achieve and then helped me to attain it. She was firm and encouraging and made my learning a very real process that I had to own to make a difference. I'm very grateful to Dairne for her assistance and I will carry her coaching with me as I venture through my life.

• Feedback from Stuart Macklin on 31 Oct 2008

I found you to be extremely present, inspirational and an amazing spirit to be around. I am extremely grateful for everything you taught me during the LCA course.

• Feedback from Diane Oxley on 31 Oct 2008

I found you to be very open,sincere and willing to assist and share your knowledge. You have wonderful intuition, along with a caring manner. You questioned in a way that enabled me to work answers. I felt you gave great attention throughout the course. Thank you. • Feedback from Melody Allport on 29 Oct 2008 I had the privilege of working with Dairne Kirton in the Life Coaching course I did and found her to be one of most amazing women I have met. She will challenge you and she doesn't mind if you challenge back. I can and would highly recommend her. • Feedback from Tony Crisp on 27 Oct 2008 Hi Dairne, I thought you were awesome! Very level headed and genuine, incredibly easy to talk to and connect with. I would highly recommend you to others as an fantastic life coach and friend! Love ya work Dairne and I hope to see you soon.

• Feedback from Heidi Burggraaf on 21 Oct 2008

I found Dairne to be fantastic in her role as facilitator. Professional, well informed, courteous, committed to her responsibilities and always helpful. Dairne is a natural in this type of role and was often my first point of contact with any questions or concerns. • Feedback from Andrew Pudner (Lifecoach) on 16 Oct 2008 In a word ..... WOW!!! See for yourself..., this lady is amazing ... Simple as that!

• Feedback from Lauren Parsons on 15 Oct 2008

Dairne is an amazing inspiring woman who i feel priviledged to have met. She is a great speaker both in a group setting and one on one. She really connects with people and believes in people. Always warm, open and loving. I highly recommend her anyone wanting to gain personal growth and insight.

• Feedback from Lynley on 15 Oct 2008

Listens well and connects well with those she talks to. Although I have not been coached by Dairne formally, in our informal conversations and have found her manner non threatening and warm. She is open to listening and sometimes this is all that is required.

• Feedback from Val on 01 Oct 2008

This lady is just that, such a gentle and encouraging lady. She was a facilitator at a life coaching course I was doing. I truly enjoyed her professionalism and friendship throughout the last 8 months. It was a wonderful journey to have travelled with Dairne and I will be forever grateful for knowledge & the skills that she shared with me. Thanks Dairne, It really has been a pleasure. Val.

• Feedback from Patricia Roberts on 28 Jul 2008

This incredible woman who is also my (and I'm proud to admit)dear friend and soul sister, never ceases to amaze me. I'm just blown away by how much she has grown since we first met. She truly is an inspiration to not only myself but many many others. Should anyone be interested in some life impacting coaching, there's no need to hesitate, this phenomenal woman will keep you on your toes!!! Go Dairne!!! :-)

• Feedback from Lillian Holdstock on 19 Jun 2008

Its just not possible to thank you enough for the influence you had in my life - more specifically in the way I perceive and deal with it. I wanted YOU to be my coach because of the kind of stength I saw in you. You helped me find it within myself. Thats a gift of a lifetime. Muito Obrigada :)

• Feedback from Bill James on 07 Sep 2007

There are many who talk about what they can do for others and then, like Dairne, there are those that walk the talk. I is easy to have faith in Dairne who has done the hard yards and knows what life can be like. She is caring and couragous as well as effective and will bring positive change to your life.

• Feedback from Mereana Kirton on 11 Aug 2007


• Feedback from A Abbas on 23 May 2007

When I first went to Dairne I have to admit I was very skeptical, however I thought I would give it a try as I have absolutely nothing to lose. I found Dairne to be very accommodating of my needs, she is a good listener, straightforward and lets you know that her main objective is to help you the best way she can. She never offered any advice but instead helped me find the solutions to my perceived problems within myself.

• Feedback from Paul David-Kennedy on 22 May 2007

I chose life coaching because: I had seen others become better people, better players at life. I needed coaching out of long term illness and grief. I could not see how this pretty wee woman could possibly do that. I agreed to give it a go and man this coach was kick arse!

• Feedback from A Moloney on 22 May 2007

I received six coaching sessions from Dairne over a few months. I found Diane to be not only professional in her approach, but also intuitive, thought provoking, and empathetic. She provided great assistance in defining goals and putting into place steps to obtain them. I admire her ability to have achieved her goals, and this alone is an inspiration. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is seeking more clarity and definition in their lives. A Moloney

• Feedback from Tina Fraser on 22 May 2007

Dairne's guidance and coaching was a positive force and just what I needed. I am now approaching my forties with more self confidence, courage and direction then I've ever had. Her words 'I'm entitled to an extraordinary life' always come to mind as I work towards my life goals. Many thanks T Fraser

• Feedback from Tania McDonald on 08 May 2007

I really looked forward to every coaching session I had with Dairne. It was an incredibly fun journey through tears and laughter, and I feel a lot lighter with less stress! My life feels a lot more balanced. I have recommended Dairne to many people.

• Feedback from Janet Delooze on 01 Mar 2007

Your coaching sessions really opened my eyes to lots of things but mainly my attitude to life and the impact attitude has on everything I've done in the past, the present and the future. When I find myself going back to my old ways, I remember what you taught me and apply those principles and tools to turn things around in my life for the better. Your warm, friendly manner put me at ease when discussing sensitive issues. I am a better person for having known you. Thank you so much.

• Feedback from Pam Martin on 15 Dec 2006

Dairne is a very special person who has risen above the challenges of disability and now uses her experiences to empower others. Her genuine empathy gives Dairne a special bond with her clients. She uses her practical experience and positive attitude to encourage people to take a chance and change their lives. I am proud to support Dairne and delighted to see her business taking off.

• Feedback from Hannah Samuel on 06 Dec 2006

Dairne's energy, professionalism and experience and make her someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Her warm, friendly personality enables her to break down barriers and make a positive difference. It's a pleasure knowing her! • Feedback from Jacqui Olliver on 05 Dec 2006 My experience of Dairne has been one of warmth, compassion and positive attitude! Dairne has the unique ability to encourage you to see the bigger picture; to look beyond who you think you are; and to allow the real you - your Magnificent Self - to emerge.